Songs of Balance

Action/2015 Songs of Balance

The Seed Institute has a history of using music as a tool for the citizens to keep watch over public life in an artistic manner. Established artists as well as new entrants into the music industry are supported to research into issues through exploration of lived experience and a combination of personal and collective reflection on these experiences. The reflections are then packaged in an artistic and entertaining manner, using symbolic musical language. The songs so produced are made competitive with both the ‘market’ and the ‘message’ in mind. Through the vernacular music, artists have been supported to make money and tackle issues such as gender violence, political conflicts, national cohesion, discrimination and stigmatization amongst others.

2015 will be a year of huge opportunity, but also of huge risk. Intense negotiations are underway to agree on a set of goals that will set the development priorities post 2015. An ambitious and people centered framework will set the world on a course of tackling the twin evils of poverty and environmental degradation. The second set of on-going negotiations revolves around delivering a climate deal by December 2015 that will see the leaders set in motion a process of cutting down on green house gases emissions amongst other actions required to life on earth from the ultimate threat of destruction through climate change. The threat is that complex UN politics in the face of with a populace that is largely not informed on the twin process, the world is likely to come up with a set of goals based on the lowest common denominator. It is also likely, like in past conferences of parties, the UNFCCC will once again fail to arrive at an agreement.


We inspire production of music calling for decisive actions towards a re-establishment of equilibrium for life on planet earth. The music is produced in a language accessible to the people.


Life on planet earth is under threat from the lost imbalance.

Insatiable thirst for wealth and power, social intolerance, carefree environmental pollution and cutthroat competition amongst humans has disturbed both social harmony and ecosystem equilibrium. The effect of a loss of balance on the social harmony is alarming; an escalation of an unprecedented level of violence, deepening of poverty and human insecurities, fear and suffering and rising inequalities. Climate change and a vicious depletion of natural resources continue to reduce the capacity of the ecosystem to support life. Man is misruling planet earth. It now time to put in place a responsible stewardship that will deliver sustainable development and end poverty- a development that leaves no one behind.

 Take action

Sing! Do are not just sitting on the fence- we are singing. We are the humming birds that the late Prof Wangare Mathai talked about. We are sharing our music for free- Distributing free CDs, uploading on websites and social media. We do not ‘copyright’ our music- freely we received and freely we give. We just want to hum. Join us.


The theme of the songs address the lost balance by focusing on issues that drive poverty and environmental degradation such greed, self-seeking competition, soil degradation, social injustices, land grabbing, corruption, climate change, inequalities, gender based violence, discrimination etc. Music based on real life stories are welcome. We also welcome imagination. Creative the story that paints the picture, raises hope or sounds the warning. Let us sing. Let us put the writings on the wall using music.